Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

... safety first ...

Health, Safety and Environment that are corner stones of the continuous improvement in Sistem Reklamcilik A.S. are attached the highest priority and works are carried out accordingly. 

The responsibility for the provision of Health, Security and Environment Safety is shared by everyone from the top management to all of the workers.

HSE-S (Occupational Health-Work Security-Environmet-Safety)
department is responsible for making risk assessments in the office and production areas of the company, developing emergency response plans, performing planned and random inspections, organizing trainings for all employees upon evaluation of training requests, monitoring compliance to legal requirements and performing wasted management in accordance with the plans.

Engineers each having expertise in respective field take active in inspection, education and rectification operations at all of the manufacturing locations, and all premises of Sistem Reklamcilik A.S. both in Turkey and abroad.

HSE-S policy of Sistem Reklamcılık ;

Primary goal of Sistem Reklamcilik A.S. is continuous growth and attaining a leading position in the sector.  

We will attach utmost importance to health, safety and security of all individuals and firms who work with us in order to achieve success. All employees of our company are responsible for the activities related to health, security, environment and safety.

Eliminating accidents, fulfilling our environment responsibility and protecting people’s health are our main goals. When communicating with our customers, shareholders and public officials in order to achieve these goals, we will comply with the laws, directives and regulations. 

When following the developments and technology, we will be constantly in touch with our people, workers and customers and take their requests into consideration as well. 

We will manufacture products that are environment-friendly, free of defects and perfect match for safe use.

We will reduce the emission and wastes and we will never cause any harm to people and nature.  

When conducting these works, we will constantly train our workers by getting support from experts and stakeholders. In doing so, we will achieve high operational performance

Operations on health, safety and environment will be suitable for measuring the performance, it will be possible to measure and inspect them periodically.

When supplying the suitable and sufficient resources for maintaining the operability and continuity of our policy, we will work on heath, security, environment and safety with minimum cost yet at a high degree and effectively.

Our policy is the indispensable priority of the system. Our performance on this area will continue to be an indicator of the success and reputation we have achieved.