...The machine park built with the latest technology is a sector leader with its educated manufacturing team and manufacturing approach that does not compromise on quality and is sensitive to the environment...

Manufacturing consists of the following workshops:

Heavy metal

Light metal

Plastic dimensioning and shaping

Powder/liquid paint,

Foil/vinyl application

 Digital printing

Electrical/led manufacturing and installation

Wood dimensioning and shaping

Sistem Reklamcılık A.Ş. that provides services to its costumers as the sole contact point thanks to its production line with capacity to process 2500 tons of aluminium signboard and profile, 400.000 meters of iron-steel profile and painting capacity of 750.000 m2 that is not dependent on suppliers aims standardization in terms of timing and quality.  

Sistem Reklamcılık A.Ş. has achieved the highest manufacturing capacity of its sector with the investment it has made in machinery and human resources since the day it was founded.

Its qualified and experienced manufacturing team that receives trainings for continuous development made difference with qualifications in the sector.

The works that are coordinated by the Quality Control Engineers within each section are produced by the qualified employees each having the necessary knowledge, talent and experience for all of the processes.  

By constant controls made within and after the process carried out by work operators and controllers, desired quality of goods sent to clients is ensured. 

On the other hand, the machine park that is constantly renewed and developed with cutting – edge technologies  is controlled with periodical maintenances and the margin of error is minimized.

Production and inspections are carried out using calibrated equipment.